3 Things People Don’t Expect After Filing Bankruptcy

By | March 24, 2024

From now on, no creditor can take any legal action against you. They must stop any ongoing lawsuits and are not permitted to contact you via phone or email. Furthermore, they are not allowed to make any negative entries about your credit status.

1. All Debts Are Automatically Included in the Bankruptcy, Even Those That You Want to Continue Paying Afterward.

This process can be completed by signing a Reaffirmation Agreement, but it may take some time. Mortgage and car loan companies may not be very helpful until you sign the agreement.

Money orders are not recommended because they may not be cashed, and there’s no way of knowing if your payment has been received and applied.

2. You Will Receive Many Letters Regarding the Financial Manager Course

Do not take the course from companies that send you letters. They offer a more expensive version of the course. Instead, search for a cheaper alternative.

3. In About Two Weeks, We Will Request Your Paystubs and Bank Statements

We need to verify the figures on your paperwork that are current as of today. Even if you have submitted bank statements and paystubs, they may not reflect the figures as of today. Today’s figures are crucial when filing for bankruptcy.

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