A mother-in-law/son-in-law business blooms in Bloomfield

Irina Baranova

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — While operating a father-and-son family business is pretty commonplace these days, it’s not every day a mother-in-law and son-in-law join forces to build a financial empire.

Ask Debra Feaser and her son-in law, Michael Eisenbraun, how they brainstormed the idea — a rarity of sorts — and how the enterprising business got off the ground.

Debra Feaser, sitting right, her husband, MIchael, standing second from right, and family members. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance

Eisenbraun, who’s married to Feaser’s youngest daughter, Jillian, and his mom-in-law founded Ameriprise Financial Services’ The Feaser and Eisenbraun Group. It’s a wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, at Corporate Commons 3 on South Avenue.


Jillian Eisenbraun, left, Debra Feaser and Suzanne Cocozza. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance

“We were thrilled to host the Nicotra’s first grand opening in December,” Feaser said. Ameriprise was the first tenant in the building.


From the left, Michael and Debra Feaser, Richard and Lois Nicotra and Melvin and Domenica Kling. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance


From the left, Marguerite Sambataro, Suzanne Cocozza and Brenda-Marie Picone. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas)Staten Island Advance

“My son -in-law, Michael, and I started with Ameriprise three years ago and took a temporary space at 900 South Avenue,” Feaser continued. “We were able to grow our business — even in a pandemic — and together we are launching a gorgeous office in the most beautiful building that will bring 2,500 jobs to the West Shore of Staten Island thanks to companies like Ameriprise expanding their offerings into a larger space.”


Debra Feaser with her grandchildren, Joseph Eisenbraun, Michael Eisenbraun and Kara Cocozza), (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance

Feaser and Eisenbraun discussed an idea that’s part of their long range plan. Going forward they’re thinking about a multi-generational business, one where the grandchildren could intern and eventually join the business.


Jillian and Michael Eisenbraun and their children, Joseph and Michael Eisenbraun. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance

When guests arrived at the Nicotra’s newest structure, Corporate Commons 3, they were greeted by the building’s landmark lights glowing blue — Ameriprise colors — in celebration of the Ameriprise grand opening.

The Feaser/Eisenbraun Group hosted the event to celebrate their clients and their state of the art new home at 1441 South Ave.

With the expansion of their multi-generational business, a move to the expansive new facility seemed entirely appropriate for their needs.


Bill Singh, left, Debra Feaser and Dr. Pritpal Kang. (Courtesy/Catherine Rivas) Staten Island Advance


Food, catered by the Hilton Garden Inn, and celebratory drinks were served — there was even a signature drink called “Compound Interest” — while musicians from Paris Entertainment entertained.

Feaser, a certified retired planning counselor and managing director, and Eisenbraun, a certified financial planner and vice president, welcomed more than 100 revelers.

“We really wanted to thank all of our clients for all of their support, who were part of our grand opening, that turned out to be a truly memorable evening,” Feaser said.


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