Bill granting 50/50 time-sharing between divorced parents is bad idea

Irina Baranova

There is an existential threat to children in legislation currently being considered by the Florida House. If passed, House Bill 1395 would codify into law a presumption of 50/50 time-sharing between divorced parents. While this may sound fair and reasonable on its face, it is not; it poses a real risk to our state’s children and, I believe, it must be stopped.

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As a regularly appointed social investigator in family law cases, I work almost exclusively with families who are going through a divorce and are in conflict over the timesharing of their children. So, it is with this extensive firsthand experience that I speak out against this presumption of 50/50 time-sharing provision in HB 1395.

Dr. Deborah Day, Psy.D., is a licensed psychologist, licensed mental health counselor and certified family mediator.

There is no single optimal formula for deciding how much time children need with each parent; in fact, it is the opposite. Just like each divorce is unique and deserves to be treated that way, time-sharing decisions for children are the same. By taking each case individually, you have a better chance of an outcome that best fits that family, and more importantly the children involved.

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