How To Win In Divorce

Irina Baranova

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Are you thinking about a divorce and wondering how you can achieve a lopsided division of assets and alimony, so you don’t have to work? And maybe sole custody of the children, too? If so, you wouldn’t be alone.

You’ll easily find a divorce attorney who will fight your war with you for years. And you’ll only end up where you would have if you’d negotiated to begin with. And guess what—you’ve funded your lawyer’s kids’ college accounts rather than you own. Is this a “win” at divorce?

Perhaps you should instead consider getting through this overwhelmingly difficult transition with dignity while keeping a lot more of your own money and maintaining your and your children’s emotional health throughout. In most instances, you can do that without ever stepping foot into a courthouse or even speaking to an attorney.

I set out years ago to find a better way to divorce, creating and refining a process to deliver just that. At TruNorth Divorce, we provide a legally-sound, one-stop solution for divorcing couples who want a financially optimized settlement that helps both spouses achieve their long-term goals. When children are involved, we also provide effective and durable parenting plans.

Fact is that ninety percent of divorces don’t belong in the court system. When you involve the court, you give up total control around life-altering decisions regarding your assets, your income, and the custody of your children. Whether within or outside of court, if you involve an attorney for both you and your spouse—the traditional model—it will result in legal expenses that you can’t possibly fathom when you’re 1) just getting started and 2) convinced the “system” will see your side of what’s just. Attorney-driven divorce processes will not provide you with practical guidance and needed emotional support nor correctly values all your assets, and considers both the short and long-term impact on each spouse’s financial health.

So, how do you get better outcomes, at lower cost and without judges, courts or even lawyers? If you have minor children and marital assets, don’t attempt a do-it-yourself divorce unless you want to risk costly mistakes that cannot later be reversed. If you want an easy, affordable, and legal solution, seek a qualified divorce mediator.

You will want to find a mediator who has the knowledge, skills, and experience to guide you and your spouse to a financially optimized settlement agreement and, if applicable, with a parenting plan that preserves the integrity of your family. A mediator with the divorce financial expertise of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) is ideal.

How, though, to address the legal piece of your divorce? You will find that legal agreements and divorce papers are straightforward in a mediated case. These can be easily facilitated by your mediator so that you never even have to work directly with an attorney to process your divorce. (It’s never a bad idea, though, to have an attorney review your agreements before they are finalized and this can be done at minimal cost.)

Rationally approaching your divorce, along with a dose of grace, can result in a lower-cost and faster process while addressing your financial needs and preserving your family’s emotional well-being. Now, wouldn’t you agree this would be a “win” at divorce?

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About TruNorth Divorce Solutions

TruNorth Divorce provides couples, individuals, and family law attorneys in divorce. If a couple is committed to negotiating a divorce settlement, they will work with them as a mediator to develop a win-win settlement. If they have minor children, they will also guide them through developing a comprehensive and effective parenting plan that benefits the entire family and ensures their children’s future happiness and security. Their success rate in mediation is over 95%.

When cooperation with the other spouse isn’t possible, they’ll work with just one of the spouses individually as their advocate and coach, supporting and complementing their attorney throughout. TruNorth Divorce ensures that what an individual and their attorney are fighting for is truly in their best interest. They’ll assist a client throughout the entire divorce process—and even accompany them to meetings with their spouse and attorneys to back them up and get their best settlement possible. Moreover, working with TruNorth Divorce can actually help reduce an individuals legal fees and the time to resolve their case

For attorneys, TruNorth Divorce can take care of the detailed financial work, making case preparation easier and laying the groundwork for better property settlements. They can work behind the scenes or join the team as a divorce financial expert, developing creative solutions, identifying tax consequences, providing proper valuations of all assets, and assessing both short- and long-term implications of alternative settlement scenarios.

TruNorth Divorce offers complimentary consultations. To schedule, go here: or call 484-321-6990.

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