Westchester County Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains Divorce Law and Family Law

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New York – Westchester County Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano talks about divorce and family law in his new article. He discusses how getting a divorce can be stressful and can be very emotional for someone’s life and he emphasizes the importance of having a compassionate and understanding lawyer to help someone get by.

In this article, Mr. Luciano discusses what family law is all about. He mentions that family law can be complicated and that it should not be reduced into just legal concepts. He knows that it is very important for a family lawyer to be empathetic in the matters involved in the divorce. He also says that “family law deals with real people with real needs.”

The divorce lawyer also discusses the differences between contested and uncontested divorce. He mentions that when a couple decides to end their marriage, there are a lot of decisions to be made about their children, their properties, their assets, and even their debts. If a couple goes through a divorce without having the need to go through a trial, this is considered an uncontested divorce. Otherwise, if a couple needs to go through court in order to agree on important matters, then this is a contested divorce.

Aside from these, Mr. Luciano also adds that in a contested divorce, parties can go to courts if they don’t agree on important matters like child support, child custody, property division, asset division, debt division, spousal support, or alimony. He also mentions that with a contested divorce, having the help of an experienced divorce lawyer is extremely important.

Mr. Luciano also elaborates on uncontested divorce in this new article. He mentions that uncontested divorce happens if a couple can come to agreements between themselves. He also adds that this is when a couple can agree to important matters regarding their assets and children, allowing a divorce to go forward without dispute and unresolved issues.

Lastly, divorce attorney Juan Luciano explains the importance of having a lawyer who understands and has the compassion to help a couple make this hard time in their life easier. He discusses the techniques he has from his years of experience in dealing with family law and divorce.

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Westchester County Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano believes that the best attorney can act as both a guide and an advocate. He understands that while mediation is always the best scenario strategy, Mr. Luciano can work in the courtroom as well. Those who are looking for top-rated Westchester family lawyers, contact them today for legal advice and peace of mind. Call today at (914) 357 5026.


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Westchester County Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Explains Divorce Law and Family Law

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