What Are The Most Common Construction Injuries That Occur Today?

By | April 6, 2024

The construction industry involves a lot of laborious and risky work. Several workplace hazards exist, regardless of the type of construction in which you operate.

If you operate a construction site, your workers could become injured through several means. Workplace safety is essential to ensure your workers get home safely at the end of their shift.

To help you prepare for the worst, we’ve compiled this guide to the most common construction injuries in the US. With these in mind, you can work to prevent employees from facing these issues. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Construction Injuries: Falls

One of the most frightening scenarios for many construction workers is the prospect of falling. Many workers work in high places, such as scaffolding, roofs, or ladders.

Others use equipment that takes them higher, such as cranes. As a result, falling from high places is the most frequent type of accident on a construction site. Some figures show it accounts for 35% of construction injuries.

Risk of Falling Debris

Sometimes, it’s not construction workers falling that causes injury. In other cases, falling debris injures workers. This debris includes tools, building materials, scaffolding pieces, and other work supplies.

Any of these materials can cause serious or fatal damage to workers if dropped from a high enough height. If this happens to you or a worker, learn how to contact a construction accident lawyer.


Another threat to your workers is electrical malfunctions. While construction remains underway, there are often several exposed wires lying across the site. There are also unfinished electrical systems and downed power lines that could threaten job site safety.

Explosions and Burns

These workplace hazards connect to the electrical danger mentioned above. Even if your workers don’t become injured through direct electrical contact, these wires can cause other problems. If they spark, they can catch flammable materials and cause explosions or fires.

A similar threat exists with gas leaks. A gas leak can prove devastating to several structures, from houses to commercial buildings. If they strike your construction site with so many deadly tools lying around, it could lead to terrible destruction.

Slipping and Falling

Construction sites often have loose materials, tools, and debris strewn around the area. These materials could cause workers to trip, slip, or fall. Slippery spots and surfaces can cause the same problem.

A fall may not seem that dangerous on its face. However, what if your worker is carrying heavy equipment when he trips? What if he falls and lands on something sharp?

Seen from this light, falls become more dangerous. Do your best to keep a clean worksite and shore up construction safety.

Take Measures to Protect Your Workers

As you can see, there are several threats to workers on any construction site. Any of these construction injuries could harm employees and damage your operations. So, take steps to make sure that everybody remains as safe as possible.

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