Why CPS Can Remove A Child From Your Home Following A Divorce

Irina Baranova

If a CPS agent receives an anonymous tip that your kid is in danger, they will most likely examine the allegations. Because CPS agents evaluate every complaint as accurate, you should take all charges seriously. You should contact a qualified divorce attorney in Fort Worth as soon as you find you are under investigation, regardless of how ludicrous the allegations appear to you.

It’s critical to recognize how much risk it is in CPS proceedings. CPS officials have the authority to remove your kid or children from your home, potentially the situation may traumatize them and damage your family’s future. The sooner you contact an experienced defense attorney, the higher your prospects of obtaining a good outcome.

The team of divorce attorneys in Fort Worth has extensive experience working with families that have been subjected to false accusations and other challenging situations, and they are eager to spend sufficient time and attention on your case. When you contact a firm attorney, you can be confident that you have the most delicate legal brains battling for you.

Top 5 Reasons Why CPS Take a Child Away From You

  1. Sexual exploitation

When a kid is a victim of sexual abuse in their parents’ household, CPS will remove the child from the family. In most situations, the offender is also removed from the home so that the sex offense against the youngster may be prosecuted. (Awareness of Sexual Assault)

  2. Parental permission

A parent may agree to their kid being removed from their home in rare situations. When a parent decides to have their kid removed from the family, the youngster may be taken into foster care or another relative’s home.

When one parent agrees to removal, but the other parent refuses to allow CPS to take the children, the agency cannot remove the children without a court order unless the circumstances necessitate an “emergency removal.”

“However, why would a parent agree to the deportation of their child?” You may be wondering. For example, a parent may consent to CPS taking their kid away from home to give mental health care to them. If you have felt mentally overwhelmed, feel free to hire divorce attorneys in Fort Worth. They will offer great help in giving the parental permission and organizing a psychiatrist appointment.

  3. Inadequate Treatment

If a parent cannot provide proper care for a kid, a CPS caseworker may take the child from the household. A child may be removed from a parent’s home due to poor maintenance in the following situations:

  • The parent was hospitalized or imprisoned.
  • The parent has a severe and untreated mental disorder related to risky conduct.
  • The mother has a history of aggressive behavior.

  4. Unsafe Environment

An investigator will check for illicit narcotics and guns left out in the open, infestation, excrement, mounds of garbage, lousy food, and other “environmental risks” during a CPS home inspection.

However, environmental hazards must be severe for a kid to be removed from their home without a court order.

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