Wolf Administration Announces Release of Worker Protection and Labor Law Non-Compliance List

Irina Baranova

List is available to the public online and will be updated every week.

Allentown, PA – Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Secretary Jennifer Berrier today released the Worker Protection and Labor Law Non-Compliance List, a publicly available and regularly updated record of organizations in violation of Pennsylvania labor and workplace safety laws. Organizations are listed if the department’s administrative adjudication process or Pennsylvania legal system concludes a violation occurred, and if the organization fails to meet its obligations under the law despite the department’s efforts to obtain compliance.

“While this information has always been public, it has not always been easy for the public to find. L&I is making this list publicly available and easily accessible because we believe Pennsylvania workers and taxpayers deserve to know when labor laws are willfully thwarted and who’s doing it,” said Secretary Berrier. “No employer or business owner is above the law. We hope this list compels employers to meet their legal obligations under our laws.”

Local union members and legislators joined Secretary Berrier at the IBEW Local 375 in Allentown for the announcement, sharing their support of the Wolf Administration’s continued actions to keep workers safe and protected while on the job.

“Every worker, regardless of trade, education, experience, gender, age – unionized or not —  together serve as the collective engine of our economy and the key to Pennsylvania’s prosperity,” said Rep. Jeanne McNeill of Lehigh County. “When we find evidence that our labor laws are not functioning as intended, or they are being manipulated, abused, or ignored, then we must advocate and fight for the protection of all workers as our unionized brothers and sisters have. Those outcomes must harvest positive results for those who are in today’s workforce.”

“We appreciate the actions being taken by the Department of Labor & Industry to strengthen enforcement of labor laws by implementing the Governor’s executive order,” said Jim Reilley, president of I.U.O.E. Local #542. “Elected decision makers at all levels of government, from school boards to local municipalities to counties, need to know the names of bad actors who regularly violate labor laws, misclassify their workers, owe unemployment compensation back taxes, or don’t carry the right workers’ compensation insurance. We can’t continue to allow these bad actors to steal our tax dollars and exploit Pennsylvania workers. But that is only the start. The legislature needs to step up and do its job by passing stronger labor laws.”

Created by the signing of Gov. Wolf’s Worker Protection and Investment Executive Order, the list will identify Pennsylvania businesses that have done one or more of the following: violated one or more of 13 labor laws enforced by L&I, misclassified their workers, owe unemployment compensation (UC) back taxes or have failed to carry requisite workers’ compensation insurance.

To maintain eligibility for most state-funded grants or procurement contracts, organizations should work to resolve non-compliance issues immediately.

L&I will update the list weekly on Tuesdays. Information is available in Excel spreadsheet or PDF format. The list includes the name of the violating organization, its address, county and the specific law that has been violated. For unemployment compensation (UC) tax violations, the list will include the county where a lien was filed. Additional information on liens may be available from the applicable Court of Common Pleas in the county where the property is located; for workers’ compensation liens, such information may also be available in the county in which the organization is operational.

Removal from the List

Unemployment Compensation
An employer is removed from the list when they pay off their lien in full, enter bankruptcy proceedings, or have entered into an approved payment plan agreement with the Department. Organizations should contact Collections Support at 412-565-5121 to make payments or set up a payment plan. Employers can also make payments electronically at www.uctax.pa.gov.

Labor Law
An organization is removed from the list when they either pay off their lien, fine(s), fee(s), or owed back-wages in full, or are actively participating in a payment plan to do so. Organizations should email the Bureau of Labor Law Compliance at [email protected] to make a payment or set up a payment plan.

Workers’ Compensation
Employers will be removed from the list upon:

  • satisfaction of the lien or entering into a repayment agreement and proof of coverage or exemption from coverage is received; OR
  • payment of the assessment or entering into a repayment agreement and proof of coverage or exemption from coverage is received; OR
  • the stop work order is rescinded because proof of coverage or exemption from coverage is received and, if applicable, assessment is fully satisfied or employer has entered into a repayment agreement; OR
  • restitution payments are being made as ordered and proof of coverage or exemption from coverage is received.

Organizations can make payments and set up payment plans by contacting the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation at [email protected] or by calling 717-772-3702.

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