Working voters should back Democrats to get labor law reform

Irina Baranova

If Democrats were in power for a good stretch, filibuster-free and free of Joe Manchin, then over time every working person in the country would be better off. Or let’s just say: About 75% or more of the electorate would have more capital or financial wealth — beyond home ownership, actual claims to financial capital.

Yet Democrats find it hard to explain that to the 80% or even to themselves; they are in confusion as to what they really offer. They think that what they offer is a welfare state, taxpayer paid: An example is the “soft infrastructure” in the $1.8 trillion Build Back Better Act that Manchin stopped.

But what Democrats really offer, and would transform far more lives, is another bill that is currently blocked by the filibuster rule, one that is rarely discussed in the press, but may be in Ohio’s Senate race in the general election: It’s labor law reform, the Protect the Right to Organize Act, that would provide that financial capital and change the way we live.

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Look at what we’ve done: Alabama doc ‘very tempted to break (transgender medical ban) law’